A first look at Smashing Logo Design by Gareth Hardy.

A first look at Smashing Logo Design by Gareth Hardy.

­If you’re into logo design there’s a new book out that you need to get your hands on. I just got my copy this week. It’s Smashing Logo Design by Gareth Hardy.

Not only is the volume full of some of the latest and greatest work from contemporary logo designers from around the world, it is also a great resource on everything from sketching and concept development, to software tips and business development.

I’ve owned my share of logo design books and most of them have some very inspirational work that grace the pages, but this one is a bit different. It’s not only showing nice work, it’s showing you how to create it and market the work, too.

A few months ago, Gareth contacted me about contributing to the book and I of course said, “Yes!”.  In addition to work from me, he also got contributions from a wide range of very talented designers from all experience levels to pitch in. The list is truly a who’s who of current logo design talent with lots of interesting insights on a range of tips and business issues. As you can see, very good company, indeed.

I was asked to contribute a handful of logos from my own work, and write about my experience in self-promotion, the evolution of the logo design business and the effects of the internet on our industry. It was great to see it all there in print at the end. Much thanks to the great editorial staff for sifting through what I wrote and keeping the good stuff! ;)

Overall, I thought Gareth and the folks at Wiley & Sons did a great job with the book. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy.


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